PemGen MT-FCPI-40

The MT-FCPI-40 is a Maritime Fuel Cell Power Installation intended as a zero-emission shipping enabler. It offers a compact and robust LT-PEM power supply option for a large variety of maritime applications, both on inland waterways or in short-sea domain. The PemGen Fuel Cell Power System portfolio is available on a configure-to-order basis. Get in touch to tune this system to your application.
GENERAL Fuel Cell Type Low Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane (LT-PEM)
Fuel Cell Model 4 x Nedstack FCS13-XXL
ELECTRICAL System Peak power (BoL) 48 kWe
Stack rated power (BoL) 55 kWe
System Nominal power 40 kWe
Voltage range 175 - 350 VDC
Current range 0 - 230 A
ENCLOSURE Weight 1250 kg (Including power conversion compartment)
Length 2520 mm
Width 825 mm
Height 1250 mm
IP-rating IP 23
HYDROGEN FEED Quality Grade ≥ 2.5 (CO < 0.2 ppm)
Supply pressure 0.3 - 6 barg
Nominal consumption 59 kg/MWhe
Max consumption 3,5 kg/h
COOLANT Medium DI water or BASF FC G20
Outlet Temperature Max 65 °C
Max. heat output 45 KW
AMBIENT CONDITIONS Operating Temperature -5 - 45°C
Placement On open Deck (if containerized) integration in Vessels
LIFESPAN Balance of plant 20 years
Stack refurbishment 24k - 30k running hours
COMPLIANCY Standards Class Approval on Request