Built Environment

The supply of renewable heat and power and the demand for heat and power in the built environment are not in balance. While the sun shines brightest at noon we consume heat and power mostly in the morning and evening peaks. Hydrogen is an ultimate buffer to level such assymetries in our energy system and we know just how to do that best and at the right scale. Our Built Environment Application Team is well equipped to support you define the best District PEM-CHP solution for your needs.

Our District CHP solutions are the key to enable Zero-Emission districts.
Fuel Cell Solution for the Built Environment
District PEM-CHP Plant Opportunities

Nedstack has developed a versatile and comprehensive built-environment PEM-CHP plant concept that allows for leveling energy system assymetries. Application opportunities are widespread and include: 

  • Residential area's with heat grids; 
  • Holiday parks; 
  • Hotels & Conference centres; 
  • University Campuses; 
  • Industry parks; 
  • Appartment blocks; 
  • Hospitals; 
  • Shopping malls;
  • Other heat and power demanding buidlings and districts; 
The H2 Energy-yard enables Zero-Emission Districts by not claiming a hydrogen monopoly, but by using hydrogen as a balancing mechanism between the supply of green heat and power and the demand for heat and power at the district level.
The District PEM-CHP Case

We need new ways to heat and power our built environments and most importantly we need smarter ways. In pursuit of such solutions we have to open up to the larger context of the energy transition.  We need a framework that integrates the mono-discplines of electricity, heat and gas in a holistic concept that optimizes our energy system and that assumes all flows and transformations that are constituted by this holistic framework. 

At Nedstack we have built our framework and labeled it the H2 Energy-yard; a district CHP solution that integrates the hydrogen production function, hydrogen and heat buffering, hydrogen CHP conversion as well as a heat pump booster. The Nedstack H2 Energy-yard concept is power-to-power done right. Instead of only optimizing the electric output of a power-to-power confguration we harvest and mobilize heat in all relevant stages and allow for flexibility between a maximum electric efficiency mission, a maximum thermal mission and every blend in between. 

Our value proposition stands out: 

  • Hydrogen not as a monopolized energy vector, but only as a buffer to level supply and demand; 
  • Hydrogen storage and distribution limited to the H2 Energy-yard (no H2 in houses) allowing for a centralized safety concept and easy inspection and maintenance; 
  • Dual (heat and hydrogen) buffer strategy to leverage maximum efficiency of the total plant; 
  • In-house installations (heat-exchanger and standard bi-directional E-connection) are small, simple and widely available; 
  • District heat and power distribution using standard grids;
  • Zero-Emission Heat and Power (also no NOx emissions);
Application Support & Compliance

Our Application Support team observe the relevant directives, standards and regulations. Eventhough the EC standards (in particular the IEC 62282-3) and the relevant EC directives (in particular 2006/42/EC, 2006/95EC) provide a strong compliancy baseline, within the built environment context always matters. 

We support you throughout the process of obtaining the right permits, in safety assessments (HAZID), discussion with bureaucrats and further safety and  compliancy planning. 

Our Built Environment Application Support Package

Our Application Support package is always a tailored set of engineering services as required for your project to succeed. Our services include: 

  • Hydrogen Energy-yard feasibiltiy assessments;
  • Modeling of Mass, Energy and Heat balances; 
  • Plant sizing studies and recommendations for interfacing solutions; 
  • Thermo-dynamic modelling; 
  • Participation in Safety Studies;
  • Site Surveys;

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Our PemGen CHP portfolio is fit-for-purpose for built environment solutions.