Maritime Power Installations

PEM Fuel Cell systems offer more than just carbon-free solutions for the shipping industry; they also contribute to the reduction of other harmful pollutants such as NOx and SOx. Additionally, maritime applications utilizing hydrogen fuel cell-powered units operate silently.
The PemGen Fuel Cell Power Installation portfolio has been developed in accordance with the provisional IGF code on Low Flashpoint Fuels - Chapter E and the evolving landscape of Class Rules governing maritime hydrogen and fuel cell technology.
Maritme Fuel Cell Power Systems Portfolio


Nedstack has a proven track record of developing and delivering PemGen Maritime Fuel Cell Power Installations for a diverse range of ship types and purposes. Take a look at our portfolio below or explore our Application Support services tailored to meet your needs in the maritime domain.

Project of FELMAR and WEVA, Antonie will be the first inland ship that wil be carrier of fuel cell system