Chlor-alkali plants are among the main producers of by-product hydrogen. Worldwide, 50 million tons of chlorine is produced annually. If all the hydrogen is converted to electricity, the electricity consumption of the electrolysis plant from the grid is reduced by 20%. Fuel cell conversion of all by-product hydrogen from global chlorine production alone would yield 3000 MW of continuous power. That is equivalent to the electricity consumption of 6 million households. Our Industry Application team helps you assess the technical and economic feasibility of capturing and recovering the energy of your by-product hydrogen.
World's first 1 MWe Fuel Cell system for Industrial application
Industry Application Opportunities

There is a diversity of industrial applications where hydrogen comes available as a by product or process vent: 

  • Chlor-Alkali Industry Industry; 
  • Sodium-Chlorate industry;
  • Semi-conductor Industry.

For such - typical energy intense - industries, recycling the by-product hydrogen flows allows for achieving significant energy reductions. 

PemGen 600 fuel cell system
The Hydrogen Energy Recovery Value Proposition

PemGen Fuel Cell Power Systems bring a lot of benefits to industrial processes with by-product hydrogen. The advantages include:

  • Abundant supply of pure hydrogen at very low cost. Using vented hydrogen is even totally free
  • Guaranteed delivery of the generated electricity to the electrolysis factory
  • Savings of up to 20% on the electricity bills
  • Water generated by the fuel cells can be used in the production process
  • Heat generated by the fuel cells can often be used in the production process

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Our PemGen CHP portfolio is fit-for-purpose for industry by-product applications.