65.000 Running Hours and Counting...

PEM Fuel cells and PEM Power Plants are oftenly considered to be new technologies with lifetimes that are still to be demonstrated. In part such perceptions are correct, but there is a benchmark, and that's us.

Delfzijl PEM Power Plant clocks 65.000 running hours

In 2007 the Nedstack Delfzijl PEM Power Plant was installed and commissioned jointly by AkzoNobel and NedStack as PEM Plant no. 1.

Now 12 years further down the road the Delfzijl planned has passed the 65.000 running hours mark. The Delfzijl plant - located at the Nouryon (former Akzo) site - provides confidence in the feasibility of PEM fuel cell technology for mission critial applications (like power plants) wihtin safety relevant environments (such as chlor-alkali sites or urban districts). 


Let's go back to 2007

Travel back in time with us and check out the project inauguration video of 2007