FCH-JU 2019 Awards Nomination

Fuel cell and hydrogen technology has made enormous progress in Europe during the past years, much of which thanks to the efforts of the Fuel-Cell and Hydrogen Joint Undertaking (FCH-JU). Their projects show how collaboration between research, industry and policy makers in a European partnership delivers the best innovations and accelerates the transition to a greener world. It is important that European citizens learn more about these successes and the many ensuing benefits for all

Best success story Award 2019

The nominated success stories show how collaboration between research, industry and policy makers in a European partnership delivers the best innovation and accelerates society’s transition to a greener world. Each theme exemplifies the FCH JU’s continuous learning approach to creating low-carbon and sustainable solutions or opening new markets for European expertise in fuel cell and hydrogen (FCH) technology.


Resourceful Ways with Waste Nomination

Some industries produce significant quantities of hydrogen as a by-product. This resource currently goes to waste, but could instead be harnessed using fuel-cell technology. FCH JU-funded projects are studying viable applications around the world in order to replicate them as a feasible solution for European and global industry.

Although at Nedstack we prefer to talk about by-product hydrogen we have a strong commitment to make intelligent use of by-product hydrogen and we have committed ourselves to the development of our signature PEM power plant solutions that are optimized for the best possible Levelized Cost of Energy (LCoE) within boundaries of absolute safety, reliability and availabiltiy.

It is within the industrial domain of by-product hydrogen where we have emerged as a leading player of mission critical high-power fuel cell solutions. Much of which we thank to the progressive views of some captains of industry and the ongoing support of the good people of the FCH-JU. 

FCH-JU 2019 Award Nomination, PEM Power Plants

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More on our by-product Hydrogen solutions

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