First hydrogen streetsweeper

The dutch slogan “Van broem naar zoem” poetically communicates the transition to emission free hydrogen electric vehicles.

Along with this slogan, the Dutch hydrogen centre Holthausen presented the world’s first hydrogen electric streetsweeper. It concerns a vehicle that was originally driven by a combustion engine, and is now rebuild into and emission free and silent hydrogen electric vehicle.

“Because of the limited space in the vehicle, it was quite a puzzle”, says Carl Holthausen. “We had to travel around the world to get all the right parts: Japan, China and Germany, to name a few, but eventually we managed to complete the puzzle.”

The hydrogen electric vehicle is emission free but also produces significantly less noise than its predecessors. Holthause: The former models produced 120 decibel, whereas our vehicle produces only 60 decibel. After another few improvements, we expect to reduce this to 40 decibel.”