Nedstack at NWBA Built Environment Symposium

Friday the 8th of November the mini-symposium ‘Hydrogen for the built environment’ was held at the Green Village in Delft (NL) where Nedstack presented the H2-Energy-Yard: A fuel cell CHP-plant to deliver non-emission heat and electricity towards the built environment for both new and existing buildings and houses. There is no reason to wait any longer. Introducing hydrogen at a district level keeps it safe, affordable and there is a high level of flexibility offered towards the electricity grid.

The District PEM CHP Case

At Nedstack we have built our framework and labeled it the H2 Energy-yard; a district CHP solution that integrates the hydrogen production function, hydrogen and heat buffering, hydrogen CHP conversion as well as a heat pump booster. The Nedstack H2 Energy-yard concept is power-to-power done right. Instead of only optimizing the electric output of a power-to-power confguration we harvest and mobilize heat in all relevant stages and allow for flexibility between a maximum electric efficiency mission, a maximum thermal mission and every blend in between. 

Our value proposition stands out: 

  • Hydrogen not as a monopolized energy vector, but only as a buffer to level supply and demand; 
  • Hydrogen storage and distribution limited to the H2 Energy-yard (no H2 in houses) allowing for a centralized safety concept and easy inspection and maintenance; 
  • Dual (heat and hydrogen) buffer strategy to leverage maximum efficiency of the total plant; 
  • In-house installations (heat-exchanger and standard bi-directional E-connection) are small, simple and widely available; 
  • District heat and power distribution using standard grids;
  • Zero-Emission Heat and Power (also no NOx emissions);

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