Nedstack secures maritime power system resilience

The shipping industry faces challenges like no other in the transition to a more sustainable future. As ships sail the world, call ports with limited infrastructure or facilities and often remain at sea for weeks, clean energy alternatives pose both technical and economic hurdles. At Nedstack fuel cell technology we assist the industry with our low temperature PEM fuel cell technology, producing zero-emission power from hydrogen.

The Seagoing Vessel Challenge

As a manufacturer of fuel cell stacks, with inhouse R&D and over 20 years of experience with the application of fuel cell technology in industrial and mobile applications, we do not only provide fuel cell solution, but also know the associated challenges of integration deeply. Therefore we focus highly on the maintainability and servicablity of our PemGen fuel cell systems. Our maritime application center is able to translate your operational requirements in to a feasible power system design, and with skilled partners and our broad network, we are able to assist yard, system integrators and owners to the realization of zero-emission ships. We combine industrial components with flexibility in the design to tailor our PemGen solutions to specific requirements. We have validated our systems under full load and dynamic movement, emulating seagoing vessel dynamics. We continue to optimize both technological as economic aspects of our portfolio and class compliance. At Nedstack you will not only benefit from you specific sector knowledge, but from our knowledge in industrial and built environment applications as well.