Zero-Emission Inland Navigation Partnership

Since two years Koedood Marine Group and Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology have been jointly developing fuel cell power solutions for the inland navigation and short-sea shipping domain. Now the first generation of these solutions are working reliably the time has come to start focussing at deployment and further commercialization.

Zero-Emission Inland Navigation

Hydrogen is destined to become an important energy vector in the energy transition. To be able to achieve the ambitious climate plan goals in a society consuming increasingly more power every day, radical innovation is a must. Until 2025 we will witness a path of parallel innovation where still incremental improvements of existing solutions will co-exist with a rise of zero-emission solutions.  Beyond 2025 mass rollout of zero-emission shipping solutions is the only way forward to achieve net-zero goals  

Even though being amongst the most efficient modalities, shipping industry can provide a significant contribution to the energy transition while still offering abundant growth opportunities. By offering hydrogen fuel cell power solutions for inland navigation vessels the partnership anticipates to kickstart an ecosystem of zero-emission shipping. As European ports are processing a major portion of the European logistics handling, an early implementation of innovative hydrogen fuel cell solutions will attract strategic investments in these young value chains.

Nedstack by Koedood; Maritime Fuel Cell Power Installation

Koedood & Nedstack

Koedood Marine Group (, established in Hendrik-Ido-Ambacht, the Netherlands, is the largest distributor of Mitsubishi marine engines in Europe and is widely known in the inland navigation sector. Koedood is highly committed to sustainable development in the maritime domain and contributes strongly to innovation in this sector by its R&D-programs and innovative subsidiaries Hybrid Ship Propulsion and Emigreen.

Nedstack (, based in Arnhem, the Netherlands, is market leader in high-power PEM fuel cell solutions. Ten years ago Nedstack delivered its’ first maritime fuel cell power solution to the NEMO H2 project. After having delivered worlds first Megawatt sized PEM Power plant, Nedstack also supplied the largest PEM power plant in the world with a net power output rated over 2 MWe. Nedstack is committed to enable zero-emission shipping by participating in strategic partnerships and developing truly marinized fuel cell power solutions and supply chains.  

The maritime knowledge and expertise present in the Koedood group, together with the fuel cell knowledge and expertise of Nedstack complement each other and combine in an optimized product and service environment offering quality and service that shipowners subscribe to.

Strenghts combined

Koedood Marine Group and Nedstack Fuel Cell Technology now officially announce their partnership. “After having worked together, shared knowledge, pride and hardship for two years the time has come to make our partnership official and mark the beginning of a next stage” says Roel van de Pas, Chief Commercial Officer at Nedstack. Koedood and Nedstack both experience a rapidly growing market interest for zero-emission shipping. Increasingly demanding emission standards, with a view on Stage V requirements, are strengthening the Koedood commitment to jointly work with Nedstack in offering zero-emission solutions. Gertjan de Gelder, Sales Manager at Koedood expresses: “Our shared mission is to build a strong fundament for zero-emission maritime fuel cell power solutions. We need to work with dilligence and with a mindset of achieving what is realistic to truly deliver on the energy transition challenges that lies ahead. This partnership makes that happen”.

Partnership perspectives

After a successful window of prototyping, pilots and demonstrations, as of 2020 the focus will move to commercialization and deployment. “Strong support from our R&D and application teams will enable us to start building, installing and supporting these solutions in the field” says Sander Roosjen, R&D manager at Koedood. “We are confident and committed to address all challenges relevant to the deployment of these technologies and are confident that the first hydrogen powered vessels are indeed coming soon”.

Navigate with us towards zero-emission shipping

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