PemGen MT-FCPI-600

The MT-FCPI-600 is a Maritime Fuel Cell Power Installation intended as a zero-emission shipping enabler. It offers a compact and robust LT-PEM power supply option for a large variety of maritime applications, both on inland waterways or in short-sea domain. The PemGen Fuel Cell Power System portfolio is available on a configure-to-order basis. Get in touch to tune this system to your application.
GENERAL Fuel Cell Type Low Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane (LT-PEM)
Fuel Cell Model 60 x Nedstack FCS13-XXL
ELECTRICAL Nominal Power 600 kWe
Peak Power 740 kWe
Voltage range 500 - 1000 VDC
Current range 0 - 1200 A
ENCLOSURE Weigth 15.000 kg
Built Level 20 ft ISO Container (High Cube)
Length 6.06 m
Width 2.44 m
Heigth 2.90 m
IP-rating IP 54
HYDROGEN FEED Quality Grade ≥ 2.5 (CO < 0.2 ppm)
Supply pressure 0.3 - 6 barg
Nominal consumption 59 kg/MWhe
Max consumption 40 kg/h
COOLANT Medium DI water or BASF FC G20
Outlet Temperature Max 65 °C
Required Cooling Capacity 900 kWth
Recoverable heat >400 kWth
AMBIENT CONDITIONS Operating Temperature -10 - 40 °C
Storage Temperture 5 - 60 °C (optional -20°C - 60°C)
APPLICATION Intended use Main Propulsion Power for smaller vessel
APU Source for Larger vessel
Placement Containerized when on open deck
Skid based integration below deck
Balance of plant 20 years
Stack Refurbishment 24k - 30 k running hours
COMPLIANCY Standards Class Approval on Request