PemGen MT-FCPP-500

The MT-FCPP-500 is a Combined Heat Power PEM Fuel Cell Plant intended for co-generation applications in the built environment. The CHP-FCP-500 is optimized for integration in fourth generation heat-grids and allows for seamless integration in electricity grids of all sorts by using commercial-off- the-shelf power electronics.
General Fuel Cell Type Low Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane (LT-PEM)
Fuel Cell Model 60 x Nedstack FCS13-XXL
Electrical Peak power 626 kWe
Nominal power 500 kWe
Voltage range 560 - 1200 VDC
Current range 0-1000 A
Dimensions Weigth 15000 kg
Length 6060 mm
Width 2440 mm
Heigth 2590 mm
Hydrogen Feed Quality Grade ≥ 2.5 (CO < 0.2 ppm)
Supply pressure 0.3 – 6 barg
Max. consumption 45 kg/h
Coolant Medium DI water or BASF FC G20
Outlet temperature 65 – 70 °C
Max. heat output 667 kW
Ambient Conditions Operating Temperature - 10 tot 40 C
Storage Temperature 5 tot 60 C (optional -20C – 60 C)
Application Intended use "Main Propulsion Power for lighter vessel APU Source for Larger Vessel"
Placement On open Deck
Integration in vessel (if containerized)
Safety Compliancy Germanischer Lloyd approved 
IEC 60092
IEC 60529
IEC 60533 
ISO 13920
NEN-EN 25817
IEC 62282-2
Enclosure 20 ft ISO Container