PemGen CHP-FCP-100

The CHP-FCP-100 is a Combined Heat Power PEM Fuel Cell Plant intended for co-generation applications in the built environment. The CHP-FCP-100 is optimized for integration in fourth generation heat-grids and allows for seamless integration in electricity grids of all sorts by using commercial-off-the-shelf power electronics.
General Fuel Cell Type Low Temperature Proton Exchange Membrane (LT-PEM)
Fuel Cell Model 12 x Nedstack FCS13-XXL
Co-Generation Output Nominal Electric Power 100 kWe
Max. Electric Power 125 kWe
Electric Output Type Configure to order
Heat Output Power Max. 104 kW @ BoL
Heat Output Type Heat exchanger interface @ 60-70°C
Dimensions Weight 1500 kg
Built Level IP 67 rated outdoor enclosure
Length 2,0 m
Width 1,0 m
Heigth 2,0 m
Hydrogen Feed Quality Grade ≥ 2.5 (CO < 0.2 ppm)
Supply pressure 0.3 – 6 barg
Max. consumption 9 kg/h
Internal Coolant Coolant Type DI water or BASF FC G20
Environmental Installation Fit for outdoor installation
Intended climate Koppen class C: Mesothermal climates
other climatization packages available
Application Intended use Residential blocks
Commercial and insitutional facilities
Chemical sites
Placement To be placed on flat concrete surface
Safety Compliancy IEC-62282-2