Hydrogen ICSC safety datasheet

Hydrogen is not less safe, nor safer than other fuels. It behaves differently and requires other precautions and engineering controls. Understanding how hydrogen behaves and differs from other fuels is crucial in developing, building, installing and operating safe hydrogen power systems.

The Hydrogen International Chemical Safety Card

For your convenience we publish here an uncontrolled copy of the Hydrogen International Chemical Safety Card (ICSC) as administered jointly by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Labour Organization (ILO). 

This ICSC is distributed by Nedstack on a courtesy basis to create safety awareness and educate on the specific safety provisions required to work with hydrogen. We do not accept responsibility on the content nor on the use of such information. Please refer to the online ICSC database as administered by the ILO for up to date information.

Want to learn more about hydrogen safety?

Our HesCo team offers a one day course on Hydrogen and Fuel Cell safety. Check out the curriculum to learn more.