At Nedstack we believe we are no better than our worst supplier. Hence, at Nedstack we are continuously in search for ways to industrialize our supply chain.

From Powder to Power

At Nedstack we coordinate a very broad fuel cell power supply chain. All the way from the raw materials that are ingredients to our bipolar plates' bulk modling compounds to the power converters of our multi-megawatt power plants; without our suppliers we would be nowhere. 

Nedstack Sourcing Policy

The pursuit of excellence in our supply chain have brought us to define our sourcing policy. Key aspects of our purchasing policy include:


Nedstack is committed to comply to all applicable rules and regulations and requires her supply chain to support us in achieving such compliancy. Our procurement contracts dictate compliancy to local laws and regulations as well as meeting the state of the art. 

Superior LCOE 

Nedstack differentiates from other PEM makers by having a strategic focus on mission critical high power applications. We optimize for the lowest possible levelized cost of energy (LCOE), within boundaries of absolute safety, reliability, availability and sustainability. Our differentation is summarized by our signature; To be sure. 

We encourage our supply chain to embrace our LCOE-optimization framework and to partner with us in helping to furhter improve our proposition to end-users from the LCOE perspective. 

Corporate Social Responsibility 

Being compliant and standing out in LCOE-comparisons means a lot to us, but it doesn't mean anything if it comes at an unacceptable cost to society. Our Supplier Code of Conduct motivates you to subscribe to the ten principles administered by the UN Global Compact (   

Become a Nedstack Supply Chain Partner

We welcome solicitations from candidate suppliers whom are confident they can contribute to the Nedstack propositon. 

We invite you to:

  • Share your company, product and service information;
  • A completed supplier intake form (downloadable at the bottom of this page);


Our procurement team will be in touch.